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An American Independent Bottler

Lost Lantern is an independent bottler of American whiskey, inspired by a long Scottish tradition. Our founders, Nora and Adam, spent a year traveling across the United States in search of great whiskey. They criss-crossed the country, visiting over a hundred distilleries in dozens of states, and meeting the brave founders and distillers who bet their livelihoods for a chance to make whiskey… often in places where spirits haven’t been made in a hundred years or more.

The best whiskey reflects where it’s made, how it’s made, what it’s made from, and who made it. Lost Lantern’s mission is to shine a light on those whiskies and the independent spirits who make them.


Our Whiskies

Hand selected

We search for and find the brightest lights in American distilling from all across the United States. Our carefully chosen casks will help you discover them too.

Expertly blended

Our blends are meticulously created from whiskies sourced from multiple distilleries, intended to reveal the breadth of what American whiskey can be.

One of a kind

Everything we release is limited, often to a single cask. Our whiskies are snapshots of moments in time. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Our one-of-a-kind whiskies

Blend Series

Single Cask Series

Single Distillery Series

A New World of American Whiskey

There are over 2,000 distilleries in the United States, and more than 95% of them opened in the 21st century. Many of these distilleries are making whiskey in unique ways and unique climates, creating whiskies that reflect a genuine sense of place. 

But there’s far more whiskey out there than any one person could ever try on their own. We put in the work to help whiskey lovers discover the shining stars of American whiskey. And we collaborate closely with those distilleries to help whiskey lovers get their hands on whiskies that are truly unique.

Learn About Our Process

Where to Find Lost Lantern

We work with a network of retail partners that can ship Lost Lantern directly to your door in most states, and our whiskies are available on retail shelves in a few select areas. Find out how to get your hands on Lost Lantern.

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Lost Lantern 2023 stats

The Year Behind: Lost Lantern 2023 Stats

2023 was a banner year for Lost Lantern. Two highlights particularly stand out: first, being named the 2023 global Independent Bottler of the Year at the Icons of Whisky Awards. Second, releasing our Single Distillery Series and expanding our Blend Series for the first time since 2020. This year, we significantly widened our reach and, […]

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lost lantern andalusia

Introducing Andalusia Whiskey Co.

Lost Lantern’s Fall Collection, launching on September 27th, includes five single cask, cask strength whiskies, four of them from existing partners and one of them from a newcomer. Today’s blog post is about that newcomer, which has been on our radar for many years and has more recently become the distillery people most often ask […]

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Lost Lantern Summer of Bourbon

Lost Lantern Summer of Bourbon Collection

The bourbon world has evolved dramatically in the 21st century. Once in steep decline, bourbon has been reborn and is more popular than it has been in half a century. That has led to the proliferation of bourbon producers across the country, making America’s signature spirit in places where it was never made before. Great […]

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Lost Lantern Whiskey September 22, 2020


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