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Month: March 2021

Wine & Whiskey Globe — Lost Lantern Shines a Light on American Distilling

Inspired by the tradition of Scotland’s independent bottlers, Lost Lantern seeks unique whiskies made around the U.S., and releases them as single cask offerings and blends. Their commitment to transparency has increased the visibility and reach of numerous makers, and brought a wide-ranging bounty to whiskey lovers who might otherwise have missed out.

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Palm Beach Illustrated — Spotlighting the Best American Craft Whiskey

Wine geeks love to talk about terroir. Simply described, the term sums up the impact of the sense of place on a particular wine—soil, climate, weather, and all the other factors that distinguish it as an essentially agricultural product.

But does whiskey have terroir? Before the era of large-scale production, it certainly did. Even now, you can visit distilleries in many regions of Scotland that produce remarkably different products; when asked what makes his whisky unique, the distiller is apt to credit the water source. And even the largest of the mega-distilleries have a distinct house style: a confirmed bourbon drinker could easily identify Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam and Woodford Reserve in a blind tasting.

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American Whiskey — Lost Lantern Whiskey Shines a Light On Independent Spirit

As a new independent bottler of American whiskey, Lost Lantern has taken inspiration from the long-standing traditions of those doing the same in Scotland.

The company is seeking out unique and exciting whiskeys that are being made across the country, then releasing expressions as single casks and blends while maintaining a commitment to transparency.

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WhiskyCast Live — The WhiskyWednesday Webcast for October 7, 2020

We have a jam-packed show for #WhiskyWednesday​! Jack Daniel’s named Chris Fletcher today as the 8th master distiller in the brand’s history, and he joins us on the webcast in one of his first interviews on the job! We’ll also talk with couples working together in the independent bottling business, too. Kate and Mark Watt have just launched Watt Whisky, while Adam Polonski and Nora Ganley-Roper have also just launched Lost Lantern Whiskey in the United States. Greg and Kirsty Dillon run Great Drams in the U-K, and while Kirsty wasn’t feeling well, Greg joined us with their story.

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Cocktail Collective — Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski from Lost Lantern

For generations, independent bottlers have been part and parcel of the UK whiskey scene, yet they’ve not been as commonly seen in the whiskey industry in the United States.

But this is all about to change with the first release from a new American independent bottler called Lost Lantern.

To understand what Lost Lantern is, what they are about to release, and exactly what it means to the U.S. whiskey scene, we talked to the founders, Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski.

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