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General Manager

Nora got her start in the wine and spirits industry as a Sales Manager at Astor Wine & Spirits, one of the country’s top spirits retailers. Her love of wine gradually translated into a deep fascination with spirits, especially the growing potential of American whiskey from all around the country. She left Astor to work in operations for several startups, learning how to build and grow early-stage companies. Now, Nora handles all production and operations for Lost Lantern. She is half of the Lost Lantern tasting panel.

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Whiskey Cask Hunter

Before co-founding Lost Lantern, Adam was a Senior Whisky Specialist at ​Whisky Advocate​, the country’s largest and oldest whiskey magazine. He has written extensively about whiskies from around the world, with a particular focus on new American distilleries. Adam works with distilleries to source unique and special casks for Lost Lantern. He is half of the Lost Lantern tasting panel.

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shining a light on the independent spirit is our mission

Who We Are

We’re whiskey nerds, and we’re building an independent bottler that talks to whiskey nerds. We love hunting down whiskies that people haven’t discovered yet and sharing the stories of the distilleries we’re most excited about. Ultimately, we just want to share what makes the world of American whiskey so exciting.

Our Mission

Shining a light on the independent spirit is our tagline. It’s also our mission. That means we spend the time to truly explore and understand the landscape of American whiskey. We find unique and exciting whiskies from every corner of the United States. And we tell the stories of these distilleries and why whiskey lovers should know about what they’re doing. Transparency is very important to us. We don’t distill whiskey. We never will. Sourcing whiskey is the whole point! And we want you to know exactly where it came from, and why we chose to work with that place, and why their whiskey is unique.

Our whiskey will always be presented in an unadulterated format: non-chill-filtered, natural color, often cask strength. That’s the way we want it, and we figure that’s probably how you want it to.

We are an open book. If you want additional information or technical details about any of our whiskies, just ask. We’d be happy to share.

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We’re whiskey nerds, and we’re building an independent bottler that talks to whiskey nerds.

The Great Whiskey Road Trip

We began laying the groundwork for Lost Lantern by going on an eight-month road trip across the United States. In 2018 and 2019, we visited over a hundred distilleries all around the country. We met with the founders and distillers and saw how they make their whiskey and how their region’s climate influences it. We learned what drives them, and shared our own vision. It was the perfect way to explore the full landscape of American whiskey.

We can’t spend eight straight months on the road anymore, but we still travel extensively around the country visiting distilleries. In fact, this travel is so important to us that we only ever work with distilleries that one or both of us have visited in person.

See where we went

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Seeking and Discovering The Best American Whiskey…

There are now far more distilleries in the United States than any one person can explore on their own. We have chosen our partners because they are some of the brightest lights in American distilling, whether they’re already well-known or are still being discovered. We want you to fall in love with these distilleries, just as we have. That’s why our labels proudly say who distilled our whiskey, and why we’re excited about them.

…And Hand-Selecting Each Barrel For One-of-a-Kind Expressions


Meet Our Partners

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We are incredibly excited to announce that Lost Lantern’s 2024 Summer Collection is going to be The Summer of Bourbon. Or more specifically, the Summer of Bourbon II. Last year, we launched the first Summer of Bourbon as our first-ever collection focused entirely on one style of whiskey. The Collection was very well received, yet […]

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Nora with Far-Flung Rye

An Ode to Lost Lantern Far-Flung Rye

Far-Flung Rye is the most difficult blend we’ve made so far and also definitely the most rewarding. A lot of you ask us how we put together our multi-distillery blends. When blending, we usually let the whiskey direct itself. When we make a batch of Far-Flung Bourbon, the goal is to make the best bourbon that we […]

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Cedar Ridge Cocktail

Lost Lantern Cedar Ridge Wheat Whiskey Cocktail: Le Mars

To go along with Lost Lantern’s Spring 2024 Collection, the Midwest Collection, our California state manager, Drew Record, has prepared a series of cocktails. There are seven unique releases in the Midwest Collection and Drew has created a cocktail to showcase each one of the releases. Next up in the series is our Cedar Ridge […]

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Lost Lantern Whiskey January 27, 2021


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