All American Whiskey – Lost Lantern Whiskey Keeps Up With The Indiana Joneses

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If there was an Indiana Jones for whiskey, it would be Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski, the insane married couple behind Lost Lantern Whiskey. I say insane with the greatest possible respect. As a fellow crazy person, I respect the courage and wing nut confidence it took for them to launch their brand. Starting any business is making a bet with fate, but starting a whiskey business tempts fate with a greater prize than, say, starting a plumbing company. Starting a business like Lost Lantern Whiskey must’ve caused Fate to rub it’s hands together in Grinchian regard because the business plan was to take an eight month excursion across the United States in search of the best independent distilleries there are. They took note of methods, climate, landscape, and a hundred other points only the nerdiest of whiskey nerds would nerd.

The result of their efforts is a growing collection of incredible whiskies sourced from distilleries you’ve never heard of that, in the first sip, may cause you to swoon. They still travel to find these barrels and bottles. Their most recent trips took them to some of the Midwest’s most overlooked, local treasures like Cedar Ridge, Middle West, and Tom’s Foolery. So yeah, they may not crack a whip or rock a crumpled fedora like Harrison Ford but make no mistake, they are the Indiana Joneses of American Whiskey.

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