Nora with Far-Flung Rye

An Ode to Lost Lantern Far-Flung Rye

Far-Flung Rye is the most difficult blend we’ve made so far and also definitely the most rewarding.

A lot of you ask us how we put together our multi-distillery blends. When blending, we usually let the whiskey direct itself. When we make a batch of Far-Flung Bourbon, the goal is to make the best bourbon that we can with the bourbon casks we want to highlight, many of them already in our Vermont warehouse. We don’t have any kind of agenda when it comes to flavor and we just let the component whiskies drive our process.

But Far-Flung Rye was a little different. After all, it’s our first regional blend, and we wanted it to encapsulate everything we are excited about from the Midwest. We wanted it to have a creamy palate (to us one of the key markers of cool-climate whiskey and especially Midwestern whiskey). We wanted it to pop with a cereal-driven profile (think Wheaties, Honey Nut Cheerios, or sourdough bread) while also maintaining the level of complexity and delicacy that we have come to expect from the Midwest.

Easy? We hoped so.

Far-Flung Rye

How We Blended Far-Flung Rye

But in the end, the blend proved to be a difficult nut to crack. We spent 3 months putting it together. We started in November 2023 and spent about a month making the best blend we could with the whiskies we had already sourced. We thought it was good, maybe even very good. It had the flavor profile we were hoping for and it even was lovely and delicate. But, it wasn’t quite at the level we would call “amazing.” It didn’t have the creaminess on the mid-palate, which was a dealbreaker for us. We liked that version of the whiskey, but it just didn’t quite knock it out of the park.

So, Adam and I had a tough conversation in mid-December, right before we were set to head out for the holidays. How were we going to get it where we needed it to be?

In the end, we decided to try one last thing, even if it pushed back our production schedule a bit. Four days before Christmas, Adam got on the phone with Murphy Quint from Cedar Ridge to ask for barrel samples of their malted rye. They’re a core partner of Lost Lantern’s, and we knew that they have one of the creamiest ryes on the market (if you haven’t tried their rye, we still have a few bottles through our website). We already had a number of barrels of Cedar Ridge in our warehouse, including the malted wheat whiskey that was going to be a single cask in the Midwest Collection. But we didn’t have any of their rye.

Murphy and his team were more than just accommodating of our last-minute request. In fact, they were excited about it! Cut to mid-January when a barrel of Cedar Ridge Malted Rye arrived at our facility in Vermont. It was indeed the missing piece of the puzzle. It added exactly the creaminess that we wanted.  And Far-Flung Rye was bottled soon thereafter, and its Midwestern footprint expanded to include Iowa as well as Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

So, for the Lost Lantern team, Far-Flung Rye is a testament to not compromising quality… even if it means a last minute barrel shipment from Iowa (in the middle of the holidays!) to get us where we needed.

Beyond that, Far-Flung Rye is our ode to Midwestern whiskey. It shows what we think is truly special about this emerging region in a single dram. If you only buy one thing from our Midwest Collection, this is the bottleAnd all of us here at Lost Lantern HQ can’t wait to hear what you think of it. If you’ve picked up a bottle, let us know what you think!

Nora Ganley-Roper
General Manager & Co-Founder