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We are a small company with big ambitions, and we’re growing rapidly. We’re looking for new team members to join us and help build Lost Lantern into one of the world’s premiere independent bottlers. If you want to be on the forefront of American whiskey and on the ground floor of building a new company, we strongly encourage you to apply for open positions or simply reach out. We’d love to hear from you.


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Who We Are

We’re whiskey nerds, and we’re building an independent bottler that talks to whiskey nerds.

We love hunting down whiskies that people haven’t discovered yet and evangelizing the distilleries we are most excited about. We love to tell a good story, and we care deeply about flavor. Ultimately, we just want to share what makes the world of American whiskey so exciting.

Shining a light on the independent spirit is our tagline. It’s also our mission. That means we spend the time to truly understand what’s going on in American whiskey, in every corner of the United States. We chase down unique and exciting whiskies that taste different than what you’re familiar with. We tell the stories of these distilleries and why what they’re doing is worth your attention. And we’re fully transparent because, for us, sourcing whiskey is the whole point. We don’t want you to think we distilled any of our whiskies, and we want you to know who did… and why you should care about that distillery and discover them for yourself.

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Lost Lantern Whiskey August 24, 2022


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