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WhiskyCast Live — The WhiskyWednesday Webcast for October 7, 2020

We have a jam-packed show for #WhiskyWednesday​! Jack Daniel’s named Chris Fletcher today as the 8th master distiller in the brand’s history, and he joins us on the webcast in one of his first interviews on the job! We’ll also talk with couples working together in the independent bottling business, too. Kate and Mark Watt have just launched Watt Whisky, while Adam Polonski and Nora Ganley-Roper have also just launched Lost Lantern Whiskey in the United States. Greg and Kirsty Dillon run Great Drams in the U-K, and while Kirsty wasn’t feeling well, Greg joined us with their story.

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The Whiskey Wash — “Whiskey Review: Lost Lantern American Vatted Malt Edition No. 1”

American whiskey distilling is not typically a collaborative process. It often seems the top brands are always vying to keep their reputation tip-top and growing. For independent bottlers – companies that buy casks of whisky directly from distilleries – the risk of putting other names on the label is worth the reward to creating a diverse flavor profile.

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The Whisky Monster — “Lost Lantern American Vatted Malt Edition No.1”

I had been in the middle of many talks that had why there is not a good number of independent bottlers for American whiskey yet. A couple of weeks ago, an old friend just informed me about the Lost Lantern and I received a sample from their first whiskey, Lost Lantern American Vatted Malt Edition No.1

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Craft Spirits Magazine — “Lost Lantern Whiskey Introduces First Single Cask Collection”

From Craft Spirits Magazine: Lost Lantern, a new independent bottler of American whiskey, is excited to announce the addition of four hand-selected single casks to its initial release lineup.

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The Drinks Business — “Lost Lantern Launches American Vatted Malt”

Vermont-based Lost Lantern Whiskey has launched a blended whiskey called American Vatted Malt Edition #1, made from malts sourced from six distilleries across the country.

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Breaking Bourbon — “Introducing Lost Lantern Whiskey”

The best whiskey reflects its origin, its craftsmanship, its ingredients, and its distillers. Inspired by the long tradition of independent bottlers in Scotland, Lost Lantern is a new independent bottler of American whiskey. The company seeks out the most unique and exciting whiskies being made all across the country and releases them as single casks and blends, always with a deep commitment to transparency.

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