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John Barleycorn Awards — Fall 2021 Gold Medal Winner

Gold Medal Winner — “A very interesting butterscotch and sandalwood aroma, with luscious vanilla that reminds me of cream soda on the palate. Very consistent, this delivers the same pleasure from the last sip as the first.”

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Wine-Searcher — American Whiskey Shines its Light

If you are a Scotch whisky aficionado, you have bought unique malts from independent bottlers. The idea is that an outside company finds a single interesting barrel at a distillery and bottles it under its own name.

In the American whiskey renaissance, new brands do something like this: they buy small lots from the giant MGP distillery in Indiana. But they don’t tout the distillery on the front label; in fact they try to hide the origin on the bottle. A true American independent bottler in the Scottish style didn’t really exist until recently.

Now, you can buy curated single-cask bottlings from distilleries in Ohio, California, Iowa and Colorado – and all thanks to the right cocktail order on a first date between two whiskey lovers seven years ago in Brooklyn.

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Paste — The Best Whiskeys (and More!) of 2021

Blends of sourced whiskey are by no means uncommon in the American whiskey landscape, as several such blends of bourbon or rye appear on this very list. Lost Lantern, on the other hand, is a much more unique concept—a “vatted malt” that is in fact a blend of American single malt whiskeys from six different small and independent distillers of malt whisky, including the likes of Balcones, Westward and Virginia Distillery Co.

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American Whiskey — Lost Lantern’s first annual Winter Whiskey Wednesday drop

Launching with a trio of new limited-edition single cask whiskeys, the independent bottler is lighting up this festive season
The independent bottler of American whiskey, Lost Lantern, that launched in 2020 is celebrating the holidays with a festive announcement. For the first time it has unveiled its Winter Whiskey Wednesday drop, an annual release that will take place on the first Wednesday of December. The 2021 trio of whiskeys include expressions from McCarthy’s, Smooth Ambler, and Starlight.

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Luxury Card — LM Gift Guide: Wine & Spirits

Some whiskey enthusiasts bristle at blended spirits, but tasting Lost Lantern American Vatted Malt Edition No. 1 wins over even ardent skeptics. The 12-barrel blend of single malts from six American distilleries melds aromas of mesquite smoke and fresh malted cereal grains with tastes that include hints of peat smoke, oak spice, vanilla, and caramel. At 105 proof (52.5 percent ABV), the whiskey delivers plenty of substance. $120; lostlanternwhiskey.com

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Trendhunter — Lost Lantern Launches Whiskey Trio as First Annual Winter Drop

American independent bottler Lost Lantern has introduced its first annual Winter Whiskey Wednesday drop, which will now take place the first Wednesday of every December. For its first drop, the company has released a trio of limited edition single-casks named McCarthy’s, Smooth Ambler, and Starlight.

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