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SF Chronicle — The best indie craft whiskeys can be hard to find. Could this experimental company help?

On Friday, two very delicious Bay Area whiskeys will be released in an unusual sort of way — and if you’re a craft whiskey nerd with some discretionary spending money, they’re worth seeking out.

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Men’s Journal — 10 American Whiskey Brands That Deserve Your Unrequited Love

Lost Lantern is a major first for American whiskey: a private labelling brand from husband and wife team Adam Polonski and Nora Ganley-Roper. They’ve spent the last few years traveling the country to visit the distilleries you’re not paying enough attention to, and selecting some of the hands-down most delicious casks, for exclusive bottling.

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Bourbon Veach — Lost Lantern Independent Spirits

Some time ago, Matt and I were invited to do a virtual tasting with Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski, Founders of Lost Lantern Independent Spirits. They sent us sample bottles of six of their products and set up a Zoom meeting. What Nora and Adam have created is a company that purchases barrels from artisan distilleries across the nation and bottles them with that distillery’s name on the label. Their focus is to bring these distilleries to the public eye by showcasing really good barrels from those distilleries. It is a very good program and I hope that it is bringing success to these distilleries.

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Breaking Bourbon — Review: Single Cask #8 Balcones Distilling

Having had many whiskeys from Balcones Distillery, I wasn’t sure what Lost Lantern Single Cask #8 was going to offer me. Why involve a second party and not just get it from the horse’s mouth? It became clear rather quickly that there is value in curation. Single Cask #8 is incredibly bold and rich with its wealth of dark and roasted flavors and a deep barrel char. This is a dark bourbon both in color and taste.

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InsideHook — Review: Sourced From All Over the US, Lost Lantern Is a Whiskey Nerd’s Dream

Founded by Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski and launched last fall — delayed from an April 2020 start because of you-know-what — Lost Lantern is an independent bottler of American whiskey.

“We source different casks and single malts from around the country,” explains Polonski, a former whiskey journalist. “This model has existed in Scotland for 200 years. It’s a great discovery method.”

The idea here is Lost Lantern is not only shining a light on smaller, regional distilleries, but also getting that whiskey out to a larger swath of the country. As well, these releases are specifically designed for whiskey connessours — they’re non-chill filtered and cask strength. 

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Gear Patrol — The 15 Best New Bourbon and Whiskeys of 2021 (So Far)

While it officially released late in 2020, Lost Lantern’s debut bottle is as delicious as it is innovative. Founded by a former Whisky Advocate writer and a liquor store manager, the brand follows in the footsteps of the independent bottlers and blenders of Scotland, which buy up barrels of aged whiskey from distilleries with extra stock and spin them into something new. This American Vatted Malt is the first blend of American single malt whiskeys from different distilleries, and it’s unlike anything I’ve tasted. Find exactly what went into it here.

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