Forbes Whiskey Of The Week – Lost Lantern Far-Flung Rye

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Forbes Whiskey Of The Week: Lost Lantern Far-Flung Rye

Far Flung Rye is a blend of rye whiskeys, aged between 4-9 years, from five Midwestern distilleries: Cedar Ridge; Middle West Spirits; Wollersheim; Indiana’s Starlight Distillery; and Tom’s Foolery from Ohio. Bottled undiluted and non-chill filtered at 60.8% ABV, it’s intense and spicy, not for the faint of heart or weak of palate. Rich dark chocolate notes and malty undertones combine with faint grassiness and hints of rye bread. As can be expected with such a high-proof spirit, it’s bold and a little hot, but a few drops of water bring down the heat without diluting the flavor. With so few bottles in existence and a $100 price tag (suggested, at least), I don’t know if I’d suggest making a cocktail with it. but it does make a spectacular, desserty Black Manhattan.

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