Lost Lantern 2023 stats

The Year Behind: Lost Lantern 2023 Stats

2023 was a banner year for Lost Lantern. Two highlights particularly stand out: first, being named the 2023 global Independent Bottler of the Year at the Icons of Whisky Awards. Second, releasing our Single Distillery Series and expanding our Blend Series for the first time since 2020. This year, we significantly widened our reach and, more importantly, put out some incredible whiskies. Oh, and we opened our Vermont tasting room! We’re thrilled with all that you helped us accomplish in 2023. And we can’t wait for the year ahead.

But first, let’s take a look back at 2023 by the numbers! See our 2022 Stats post here if you’re curious how things compare.


Lost Lantern Whiskey 2023 End-Of-Year Stats

Number of whiskies we released in 2023: 24

Number of single casks we released in 2023: 15 (one fewer than 2022!)

Number of blends we released in 2023: 3

Number of Single Distillery Series whiskies we released in 2023: 6

Distilleries we released whiskies from in 2023 (excluding multi-distillery blends): 15  (Westland, Watershed, Corbin Cash, Balcones, Whiskey Del Bac, Frey Ranch, Boulder, Ironroot Republic, Still Austin, New Riff, Tom’s Foolery, Smooth Ambler, Andalusia, St. George, Kings County). That’s two distilleries more than 2022!

Including multi-distillery blends: 18 (the above 15 + Santa Fe Spirits, Cedar Ridge, and McCarthy’s)

Distilleries we released our first whiskies from in 2023: 6 (Westland, Corbin Cash, New Riff, Tom’s Foolery, Andalusia, Kings County)

States we released whiskey from in 2023 (excl. multi-distillery blends): 10 (Washington, Ohio, California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York

Lost Lantern 2023 Partner Distilleries
Whiskies we released in 2023 by state

States we released our first whiskey from in 2023: Just one! (Kentucky)

States we released the most whiskey from in 2023: Texas (4 distilleries: single casks from Still Austin, Balcones, Andalusia, and Ironroot Republic, plus a Single Distillery Series release from Balcones, plus Far-Flung Bourbon, which included Still Austin)

Distilleries we released the most from in 2023: Frey Ranch (Soaring Spice, Far-Flung Bourbon, and a single cask) and Whiskey Del Bac (two Single Distillery Series releases and Flame)


Lost Lantern Overall Whiskey Stats

States where we’ve worked with the most distilleries overall: Texas (4 distilleries: Balcones, Ironroot Republic, Still Austin, and Andalusia), California (3: Spirit Works, St. George Spirits, and Corbin Cash), New York (3: New York Distilling Co., Breuckelen, and Kings County)

Lost Lantern partner distilleries
Lost Lantern partner distilleries

City where we’ve worked with the most distilleries: Brooklyn, New York! Our old hometown, and home to all three of our New York distillery partners.

Distillery we have released the most from since launch: Balcones (3 single casks, one single distillery series, one blend series)

Distilleries that have appeared in all three of our product lines (Single Cask, Single Distillery, and Blend Series): 3 (Balcones, Whiskey Del Bac, Frey Ranch)

Total # of Distilleries Worked With So Far: 27

Total # of States We’ve Sourced From So Far: 17

Distilleries we’re just dying to work with but haven’t yet: Wouldn’t you like to know!

State we’re surprised we haven’t released more whiskey from yet: Colorado

States we’re surprised we haven’t released any whiskey from yet: Tennessee, Vermont

Oldest whiskey we released in 2023: Tom’s Foolery 9-Year-Old Ohio Straight Bourbon

Youngest whiskey we released in 2022: 1-year old age stated whiskies from or featuring Whiskey Del Bac (Desert Dessert, Mega Mesquite, and Flame)

Average age of whiskies we released in 2023: 4.4 years (or 5.1 years excluding the three 1-year-old age-stated releases)

Average age of whiskies we released in 2022: 4.6 years

Average age of whiskies we released in 2021: 3.6 years


Lost Lantern 2023 Sales Stats

Fastest-selling single cask: Watershed 7 Year Old Ohio Bourbon (less than an hour)

Runner-up: Tom’s Foolery Ohio 9 Year Old Bourbon (a few hours). Ohio showing up strong!

Top-selling whiskey of the year: Gentle Giant (still available!)

Top-selling Blend Series release: Far-Flung Bourbon (still available!)

First Single Distillery Series releases to sell out: Mega Mesquite and Desert Dessert, both Whiskey Del Bac, both on launch day

Biggest Surprise Hits: Corbin Cash rye single casks and Tom’s Foolery bourbon single cask: both lesser-known distilleries that make incredible whiskey. We were thrilled that so many people trusted us with these and took a leap of faith. They’ve both become highly sought-after! 

Highest-Rated Whiskey: Soaring Spice Frey Ranch Nevada Straight Bourbon (97 points, Wine Enthusiast), Far-Flung Bourbon (94 points, Whisky Advocate)

Most Award-Winningest Whiskey: Gentle Giant, Best American Single Malt, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and Best American Single Malt Under 12 Years Old, World Whiskies Awards

Best-Reviewed Whiskey: Balcones Ex-Peat Cask Texas Single MaltBreaking Bourbon, 4/5 and one of the Best Malts of 2023. Forbes, one of the 9 Best American Single Malts of 2023. And it’s still available!


Lost Lantern 2023 Travel Stats

Total # of Distilleries Visited In 2023: 20 (slightly down from last year, due to more festival travel and getting our tasting room up and running!)

States Where We Visited Distilleries in 2023: Nevada, New York, Kentucky, Colorado, Connecticut, California, Florida, Vermont, Texas, Colorado again, Washington 

Action shot of Adam after a less promising day of distillery visits

Miles Driven: Actually not that many, we mostly flew this year, minus a week of Adam driving across Colorado and back

American Airlines AAdvantage miles accrued: more than a quarter million

American Airlines status earned: Executive Platinum (Adam is embarrassed about it but sure likes getting free lounge access)

States we visited on multiple separate trips in 2023: Colorado, California, Texas 

States we’re most surprised we didn’t visit in 2023: Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas

Biggest disappointment: No comment.

Most pleasant surprise: Wouldn’t you like to know!


Lost Lantern 2023 Miscellaneous Stats

Top-Selling Whiskey at the Lost Lantern Tasting Room: Far-Flung Bourbon 

Top-Selling Single Cask at the Lost Lantern Tasting Room: Andalusia Triple-Distilled Texas Single Malt

Most Popular Flight at the Lost Lantern Tasting Room: rough tie between our Bourbon Flight and Greatest Hits flight

Most Popular Sold-Out Library Release at the Lost Lantern Tasting Room: Balcones Tequila Cask-Aged Texas Single Malt

Most Popular Festival Whiskies: Gentle Giant, Far-Flung Bourbon, Flame, Shadow

Most Popular Whiskies at Club Tastings: American Vatted Malt, Gentle Giant, Soaring Spice

Size of Lost Lantern Team at beginning of 2023: 2

Size of Lost Lantern Team at end of 2023: 5!


Lost Lantern 2023 Secret Predictions Revisited

Last year, we made some secret predictions about what we’d do in 2023. It seems like the perfect time to revisit them. Here’s what we said, with the reality listed under it.

What We Said: Odds that we release only single casks this year: 0% (rounded down)

Reality: We already knew we were going to launch the Single Distillery Series in the spring so this was more of a tease than a real prediction!

What We Said: Odds that we release another blend of whiskey from multiple distilleries this year: 75%

Reality: We had already sourced many of the component whiskies for Far-Flung Bourbon, Flame, and Shadow by the end of 2022, and fully planned on doing at least Far-Flung Bourbon… but based on the production issues we had at the time, we knew there was some chance there would be issues. Thankfully, this didn’t happen, and we quadrupled the size of our Blend Series in 2023!

What We Said: Odds that we release multiple blends this year: 50%

Reality: We released three: Far-Flung Bourbon, Flame, and Shadow!

What We Said: # of Distilleries We’ll Release Whiskey From For The First Time: at least 4, probably 7+

Reality: We ended up with 6, including at least one in every release except the Single Distillery Series launch. 

What We Said: # of States We’ll Source From For The First Time: hopefully 3-5, but no promises!

Reality: Kentucky ended up being the only new state this year, but that’s kind of a big get! We will absolutely have more whiskey from new states in 2024 than we did in 2023. In fact, some of them are already bottled, labeled, and ready to go!

What We Said: # of Single Cask Cohorts We’ll Release Next Year: probably 3 or 4, barring Covid issues

Reality: We had five releases in 2023, of which three (Spring, Summer of Bourbon, and Fall) had single casks in them. Spring and Fall were only Single Casks. The Single Distillery Series launch and the Winter Collection were our first releases that did not include single casks.

What We Said: First 2023 Release: mid-February or March

Reality: Again, kind of a gimme–we knew we’d launch our Spring Collection in the Spring. It ended up coming out very early March.


Lost Lantern 2024 Secret Predictions

And now onto the secret predictions for this year, which, as with the ones above, are sometimes more “teases” than actual predictions. Scour these for clues, and perhaps clues you shall find.

Odds that we release only single casks this year: 0% (rounded down)

Odds that we release another blend of whiskey from multiple distilleries this year: 100%

Odds that we release multiple blends this year: 95%

Odds that we release more Single Distillery Series releases than last year (6): Zero

# of Distilleries We’ll Release Whiskey From For The First Time in 2024: at least 4, probably 7+ (yes, that’s the same answer as last year, and it’ll probably be right again!)

# of States We’ll Source From For The First Time: certainly at least three, but hopefully 5 or more!

State We’ll Release The Most Whiskey From This Year: Not sure, but definitely not Texas

# of Cohorts We’ll Release This Year: Four. 

# of Private Casks We’ll Release This Year: A bunch! Email [email protected] if you’re interested. 

Odds That We Do A Tasting Room Exclusive Release This Year: 37.5%

First 2023 Release: March!


Thanks for reading and cheers to the year ahead!