Cedar Ridge Cocktail

Lost Lantern Cedar Ridge Wheat Whiskey Cocktail: Le Mars

To go along with Lost Lantern’s Spring 2024 Collection, the Midwest Collection, our California state manager, Drew Record, has prepared a series of cocktails. There are seven unique releases in the Midwest Collection and Drew has created a cocktail to showcase each one of the releases. Next up in the series is our Cedar Ridge Wheat Whiskey cocktail – Le Mars. 

Lost Lantern Cedar Ridge Cocktail: Le Mars

Le Mars Cocktail: The Story

Le Mars, Iowa is the “Ice cream capital of the world,” which should come as little surprise to anyone who has driven past the massive ice cream plants that employ much of the town. So, it is fitting that our Cedar Ridge Wheat whiskey, in our seldom used cream colored label, would be the foundation for a ridiculously decadent ice cream drink. The last stop on our Midwestern cocktail tour takes us back to Detroit. Sometime in the 1960s at the Detroit Bayview Yacht Club, the Hummer was invented by barman Jerome Adams.

The Midwest was already well known for cream-based cocktails such as the Pink Squirrel, a combination of creme de cacao, creme de Noyaux and heavy cream, invented in the 1940s in Milwaukee. But the Hummer, so named by a regular of Adams’ who said the drink, “made him hum,” was the start of boozy milkshakes as we know them. His concoction combined rum, coffee liqueur and vanilla ice cream and became a Michigan staple, but quickly spread around the country and later the world. As cocktail tastes changed throughout the seventies, drinks kept getting sweeter and sweeter.

The era of “disco drinks” as we call them were marked by very out of balance cocktails that were inspired by what folks were drinking at home. With the ascendency of TGI Fridays through the eighties, the ice cream cocktail became an entire category unto itself with ingredient lists soaring into the dozens. These drinks have been almost entirely ignored by the new set of modern bartenders, but it is important to remember that in the right context a sweet cocktail can really be satisfying. We’ll keep our recipe simple, focusing on Wheat whiskey, Nola coffee liqueur from our friends at St. George, and really good vanilla ice cream. 

The Lost Lantern Cedar Ridge Wheat Whiskey single cask was the perfect candidate from the collection to be used for this decadent cocktail. The natural sweetness of malted wheat makes it a no-brainer, and this particular whiskey has such a creamy mouthfeel even at its higher proof that it blends seamlessly with ice cream. For the coffee liqueur we chose the NOLA from our friends at St. George spirits in Alameda.

It has a bold coffee forward flavor with notes of chicory that pull out some of the earthier characteristics from the whiskey. If you can’t find St. George NOLA in your local liquor store, then any good craft coffee liqueur is going to work here. Just remember that the sweeter the liqueur, the less you’ll want to use in the final cocktail. Because we are using just three ingredients it is of the utmost importance that you opt for the very best vanilla bean ice cream you can find.

We want something that lists as few ingredients on the side of the carton as possible and when you open it up you can see ribbons of real vanilla bean flecks throughout. If you aren’t going to use the good ice cream, then you probably shouldn’t waste the good whiskey. 

A note to remember about boozy milkshakes. They are impossibly easy to drink but they still pack a wallop. So, like the TGI Fridays menus used to implore: Limit two per customer! 

Cedar Ridge CocktailLe Mars – A Cedar Ridge Wheat Cocktail

1.5 oz Lost Lantern Cedar Ridge Wheat 

1 oz St. George Nola Coffee liqueur 

2 scoop vanilla bean ice cream 


Combine ingredients in the blender and pulse on milkshake setting until the entire concoction is smooth and creamy. Pour into your favorite parfait or sippable sundae glass and enjoy!  



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