FEW Bourbon Cocktail

Lost Lantern FEW Bourbon Cocktail: I’ll Have Another

To go along with Lost Lantern’s Spring 2024 Collection, the Midwest Collection, our California state manager, Drew Record, has prepared a series of cocktails. There are seven unique releases in the Midwest Collection and Drew has created a cocktail to showcase each one of the releases. Next up in the series is our FEW Bourbon Cocktail – I’ll Have Another, based on our Few Spirits Illinois Straight Bourbon.

LOST LANTERN FEW Bourbon Cocktail: I’ll Have Another

I’ll Have Another Cocktail: The Story

Sadly, by the time the great canon of cocktails got to Chicago they had already used some of their best recipes on Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Toronto, Queens, Singapore, and Moscow. Heck, even Cape Cod gets a halfway decent drink. Chicago’s namesake cocktail is a rum, port and egg white affair. While not a terrible cocktail, it certainly is not an inspiration point for a cocktail featuring our delicious FEW Bourbon single cask. So, when I think of Chicago cocktail culture, one of the things that of course instantly springs to mind is Malort.

Malort is a sort of rite of passage in Chicago. Harsh and bitter like the enduring winters in the Midwest, it is a tacit acknowledgement that if you can handle this, you can handle almost anything. If you are unfamiliar with this particular “sweetest Swedish liqueur” google it, I’ll wait. Luckily, we won’t be making Malort and FEW snow cones this go around, but we will discover how well Bourbon and aquavit meld in our cocktail I’ll Have Another.

Chicago is an area with a rich cultural tapestry; traveling around the city, you will find neighborhoods filled with folks from various enclaves and nationalities. In many of these neighborhoods if you go into the locals’ bar, you’ll find an array of herbal liqueurs and spirits that may be slightly unfamiliar. One that pops up frequently is aquavit (sometimes akvavit), which is a distilled spirit from mostly Scandinavian and Germanic countries that can be strongly flavored of dill, caraway or anise. The name means “water of life” and can trace its origins to the same roots as whiskey in the British Isles.

If you have never tried aquavit, it is important to remember that they vary wildly in flavor, and you should match the spirit to your preferred flavors. As a general rule of thumb: If you don’t like anise stay away the Swedish ones, the Danish ones tend to be more dill forward, and the Norwegians oak-age theirs for added complexity. These are not hard and fast rules so you should look up tasting notes when picking an aquavit. 

For our cocktail I chose Norwegian Linie Aquavit that has made a sea voyage beyond the equator and back in oak casks. This subtly woody spice coupled with a mellower flavor profile of caraway seeds matches well with the spice of the Lost Lantern FEW bourbon cask. A little Lillet Blanc, a lightly floral French fortified wine, is added to soften the drink and help bridge the gap between the creamy and sweet bourbon and the far more austere aquavit. To tie the whole thing together is a bit of celery bitters reinforcing that spice cabinet and garden vibe. If you don’t have celery bitters you should use your earthier bitters; anything green and gardeny would also work here.

As many of the classic “insert borough name here” cocktails are riffs on Manhattans and Martinis it made sense to use that basic template here. This is basically a 3:2:1 “Improved” Manhattan. Improved was the term in the late 1800’s if you took an existing basic recipe and added a bar spoon of maraschino liqueur or absinthe.

For Manhattans there are almost unlimited combinations you can make by swapping out different fortified wines and modifying spirit. If you don’t have aquavit at home or just don’t think you’ll be into it, you can easily substitute your favorite amaro for an equally delicious cocktail. It just might be a bit more Melrose Park than Andersonville. But hey, that’s the beauty of Chicago.  


FEW Bourbon Cocktail



1.5 oz Lost Lantern FEW Bourbon Single Cask 

1 oz Lillet Blanc

.5 oz Aquavit 

3 dashes celery bitters 


Combine ingredients in mixing glass over ice and stir. Strain into a Nick & Nora or other small, stemmed glass. Express the oil of a lemon peel over the cocktail and discard.


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