The Great whiskey road trip

When we started Lost Lantern, we both already knew craft whiskey very well--but we wanted to know it even better. So, after more than a decade living in New York City, we hit the road for The Great Whiskey Road Trip. Over the course of more than eight months, we criss-crossed the United States, visiting more than 50 distilleries (and 20 National Parks!).

Just as we hoped, the trip enhanced and deepened our firsthand experience of the breadth of American whiskey--how it's made, the people who make it, and the places where they make it. We visited many craft distillery friends along the way, and made new ones as well.

The road trip ended in April 2019, when we got back to our new home base in Vermont. But our travels are in some ways just beginning.

Lost Lantern believes very strongly in transparency. For that reason, we’ve made the commitment internally that we will only ever buy whiskey from a distillery that at least one of us has visited in person. We want to see and understand every distillery’s process--how they ferment and distill, how they manage their barrels, and what kind of company they are.

That also means that we’ll have to hit the road again as we continue to explore the landscape of American whiskey. And that’s the fun of the journey!