Boulder Spirits Armagnac Finished Straight Bourbon

Our First Finished Bourbon – Boulder Spirits Armagnac Finished Straight Bourbon

Our First Finished Bourbon!

We’re very excited that the 2024 Summer of Bourbon Collection features, among other firsts, our first-ever finished bourbon. It comes from Boulder Spirits in Colorado, a longtime Lost Lantern partner. Founded by Scotsman Alastair Brogan, Boulder makes both American single malt and bourbon in the Colorado Rockies. We’ve released two straight bourbons from Boulder, a peated single malt, and an unpeated single malt (a private barrel pick for the r/bourbon club), and they’re a component in our peated blended malt Shadow. Now, they’re the source of our first finished bourbon: a 7-year-old single cask bourbon made with Boulder’s unusual high-malt mashbill (51% corn, 44% malt, 5% rye). It spent its first 4.5 years in new American oak, as all bourbon must. Then, it was finished it in an Armagnac cask for 2.5 years. The long finish amplifies the underlying flavors of dried fruit and spice in the bourbon.


We have released several finished whiskies (including our very first rye, finished in an apple brandy cask), but we never did a finished bourbon until now. We’ve had several opportunities, but this is the first one that simply demanded to be chosen. Still, we’re thrilled that the bourbon world has rapidly come to embrace cask finishing. To us, good finishes aren’t just about adding flavor. The right finishing cask brings out and resonates with the flavors that the underlying bourbon already has, bringing those particular flavors into sharper focus. That’s certainly the case for our Boulder Armagnac Finish.


There’s one thing we want to be very clear about: the fine folks at Boulder did this finish themselves. They had the ingenuity and creativity to pair their whiskey with an Armagnac cask, a rare and fairly unusual finish. They hunted down the Armagnac cask. And they waited patiently all those years.


We did the easy part: selecting a really exceptional cask of whiskey, moving it to Vermont, bottling it, and now getting to share it with everyone. In fact, that’s part of what we like to do as an independent bottler. Part of our job is to highlight the amazing things distilleries are doing with their own whiskey, including unique finishes that they’ve discovered work particularly well for their spirit. In fact, in this case, we ended up with the cask precisely because Boulder loved it so much. Their head blender Ryan Negley loved the cask and wanted to make sure it got out to as wide of an audience as possible… and we’re ideally situated to do that, and also set up to do a lot of unique single cask releases in a way that most distilleries aren’t. So we, and thus you, are the lucky recipients of Boulder’s creativity!


In the future, we will sometimes finish whiskies ourselves. In fact, now that we have our own production space here in Vermont (come visit!), we already have some underway. And we’ll also continue to source already finished whiskies. Most importantly, we’ll always be clear about who did what, and share the story of how the whiskey ended up that way.


We’re thrilled to have the Boulder Armagnac Finish as part of the 2024 Summer of Bourbon Collection and as our first finished bourbon, and we can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of it… whether you already know Boulder’s bourbon as well as we do or whether it’s your first time trying it.


Boulder Spirits Armagnac Finished Straight Bourbon launches on July 11th!