Paste — The Best Whiskeys (and More!) of 2021

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Blends of sourced whiskey are by no means uncommon in the American whiskey landscape, as several such blends of bourbon or rye appear on this very list. Lost Lantern, on the other hand, is a much more unique concept—a “vatted malt” that is in fact a blend of American single malt whiskeys from six different small and independent distillers of malt whisky, including the likes of Balcones, Westward and Virginia Distillery Co. What really caught my eye here, though, is the collaborative aspect, as all six distilleries were invited to take part in creating the final Lost Lantern blend, making this a true collaboration rather than simply reflecting the skill of a single blender. Representatives of all six distilleries assembled in Denver to blend 12 barrels that had all been distilled and aged in starkly different ways. They emerged with a 3,000 bottle batch of something totally unique. I think the American whiskey scene could use more of this type of collaboration, as it turned out a truly unique product. As I wrote when tasting it….

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