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Middle West Ohio Straight Rye

The Power of Pumpernickel

Lost Lantern hand-selected this cask from Middle West Spirits in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 2008, the distillery makes a range of whiskies that reflect the distinctive culture, traditions, and flavors of the Ohio River Valley.

This is a unique four-grain straight rye whiskey made with dark pumpernickel rye grain, giving it a full, toasty, chocolatey, and earthy flavor. It was aged for 4 years in a 53-gallon new oak barrel from Speyside Cooperage. It has notes of rich chocolate mousse and warm rye spice on the nose, with cocoa nibs, nutmeg, cinnamon, and leatherbound books on the palate.

It is our first release from Middle West, now one of the largest and most ambitious independent distilleries in the Midwest. They are our third distillery partner from Ohio.

2024 Single Cask #5: Middle West Ohio Straight Rye

Proof: 126
Age: 4 years
Quantity produced: 197 bottles
Format: 750mL
Details: Cask strength; Non-chill filtered; no color added

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Cask Details

  • Mashbill — 80% Rye, 10% Corn, 5% Wheat, 5% Barley
  • Maturation Barrel Info — New American oak, Speyside Cooperage
  • Barrel Entry Proof: 105 proof
  • Barrel Size — 53 gallons
  • Finishing Barrel Info — N/A
  • Length of Secondary Maturation/Finishing — N/A
  • Type: Single Cask
  • Pour: Neat, on the rocks, on in a cocktail
  • Glass: rocks glass or snifter
Whiskey on Fire
Sante Fe Cocktail
Whiskey Drink

About Middle West Spirits

Middle West, located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, was founded in 2008 to showcase the unique flavors and climate of the Ohio River Valley. Since then, the distillery has grown rapidly: it was one of the first distilleries outside of the whiskey heartland to get a sizable column still, and today it has grown to become one of the largest independent distilleries in the United States. The distillery is best known for its dark pumpernickel rye whiskey and its excellent bourbon, yet it also makes an array of other spirits. It is also emerging as a major contract producer for other whiskey distilleries from across the country.

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Lost Lantern Whiskey February 22, 2024


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