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Boulder Spirits Colorado Straight Bourbon Single Cask

Real Mountain Bourbon

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Lost Lantern hand-selected this cask from Boulder Spirits in Colorado. The distillery was founded by Scotsman Alastair Brogan, who has brought Scottish whiskymaking traditions to the high peaks of the Colorado Rockies. This dry, high-elevation environment makes for bold and unique spirits.

This six-year-old straight bourbon whiskey was made from an unusual high-malt mashbill (51% corn, 44% malted barley, and 5% rye) that adds great heft and a hearty texture. It has a very rich nose, with notes of dark chocolate and warm apple strudel. It is warm, spicy, and sweet on the palate, with a very long finish.

An older and bolder follow-up to our first Boulder Spirits bourbon single cask, which scored 98 points in Wine Enthusiast–their top rated bourbon of 2022.

2023 Single Cask #6: Boulder Spirits Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Proof: 142.6
Age: 6 years
Quantity produced: 151 bottles
Format: 750mL
Details: Cask strength; Non-chill filtered; no color added

Cask Details

  • Mashbill — 51% Corn, 44% malted barley, and 5% rye
  • Maturation Barrel Info —New American Oak
  • Barrel Entry Proof: 125
  • Barrel Size — 53 gallons
  • Finishing Barrel Info — N/A
  • Length of Secondary Maturation/Finishing — N/A


  • Type: Single Cask
  • Pour: Neat or on the rocks
  • Glass: glencairn or snifter
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NYDCO in glass
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About Boulder Spirits / Vapor Distillery

Boulder Spirits (also known as Vapor Distillery) was founded by Scotsman Alastair Brogan, who has brought Scottish whiskymaking traditions to the Colorado Rockies. Using an authentic Scottish Forsyths copper pot still, Boulder makes American single malt (peated and unpeated) as well as bourbon in this dry, high-elevation environment. The rapid evaporation in the high mountain climate makes for bold and powerful spirits. Colorado is one of the hotbeds of the American whiskey renaissance, and Boulder truly stands out for intermingling the region’s unique climate and pioneer culture with Old World single malt traditions.

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Lost Lantern Whiskey July 6, 2023


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