Seven Days — Lost Lantern Aims to Create New Markets for Small-Scale Whiskey Makers

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Nora Ganley-Roper was a wine expert at the storied Astor Wines & Spirits in New York City when she fell in love with whiskey. She had grown up under the tutelage of her wine-appreciating family in Weybridge and honed her expertise in grapes and regions by reading wine textbooks while commuting by bus to a job in the financial world.

As sales manager for the large specialty wine and spirits company, Ganley-Roper discovered in whiskey a new world of tasting, science and history. She absorbed as much as she could about the distilled beverage, which is made from grain, because she needed that knowledge to serve her customers. She enjoyed discovering the business of American whiskey, in which — as with wine — terroir plays a major role in the taste and feel of the beverage. She was also intrigued by the potential for learning more.

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