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Forbes Whiskey Of The Week – Lost Lantern Far-Flung Rye

Read the full review here Forbes Whiskey Of The Week: Lost Lantern Far-Flung Rye Far Flung Rye is a blend of rye whiskeys, aged between 4-9 years, from five Midwestern distilleries: Cedar Ridge; Middle West Spirits; Wollersheim; Indiana’s Starlight Distillery; and Tom’s Foolery from Ohio. Bottled undiluted and non-chill filtered at 60.8% ABV, it’s intense and spicy, not […]

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Far-Flung Rye Cocktail

Lost Lantern Far-Flung Rye Cocktail: American Quarter Horse

To go along with Lost Lantern’s Spring 2024 Collection, the Midwest Collection, our California state manager, Drew Record, has prepared a series of cocktails. There are seven unique releases in the Midwest Collection and Drew has created a cocktail to showcase each one of the releases. First up in the series is American Quarter Horse […]

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Maxim Spirit of the Week: Lost Lantern Far-Flung Rye Whiskey

Maxim Spirit Of The Week – Lost Lantern Far-Flung Rye Whiskey

Read the full review here Maxim Spirit Of The Week: Lost Lantern Far-Flung Rye Whiskey However it is the seventh in the Spring Collection 2024, Far Flung Rye, that is our Spirit of the Week. This Goldilocks solution cherry-picks many of the above single-distillery’s best ryes, all aged between four to nine years, and blends […]

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Wollersheim Distillery Head Distiller Tom Lenerz

Wollersheim Guest Post: Wisconsin, Whiskey and Brandy

Wollersheim on Wisconsin, Whiskey, and Brandy A Guest Post written by Tom Lenerz, head distiller at Wollersheim Winery & Distillery The Lost Lantern Midwest Collection launches on March 27. It’s our very first regional collection, and as the name suggests, it’s focused on a region that we see as one of the unsung heroes of […]

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Lost Lantern 2023 stats

The Year Behind: Lost Lantern 2023 Stats

2023 was a banner year for Lost Lantern. Two highlights particularly stand out: first, being named the 2023 global Independent Bottler of the Year at the Icons of Whisky Awards. Second, releasing our Single Distillery Series and expanding our Blend Series for the first time since 2020. This year, we significantly widened our reach and, […]

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Lost Lantern Summer of Bourbon

Lost Lantern Summer of Bourbon Collection

The bourbon world has evolved dramatically in the 21st century. Once in steep decline, bourbon has been reborn and is more popular than it has been in half a century. That has led to the proliferation of bourbon producers across the country, making America’s signature spirit in places where it was never made before. Great […]

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