UPROXX – Smooth American Single Malt Whiskeys Reviewed Fall 2023

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5. Lost Lantern Single Cask Series Andalusia Whiskey Co. Triple Distilled Texas Single Malt.

Whiskey Bottle on black background

ABV: 52.6%

Average Price: $99

The Whiskey:

This single cask from Lost Lantern’s Fall 2023 series is a three-year-old single malt from a very new Texas distillery. The whiskey in this case is made with 100% 2-row malted barley and triple distilled a la Irish whiskey. A single honey barrel was picked by the Lost Lantern team and bottled 100% as-is, yielding only 177 bottles.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Notes of fresh chili pepper and leathery spiced fruit drive the nose with hints of stroopwafel (those honey waffle cookies from The Netherlands) and candy cane.

Palate: That candy cane turns to pure peppermint on the palate as subtle notes of clove and allspice mingle with creamy eggnog ice cream and malted honey crackers.

Finish: The finish is nice with a sweet spiciness akin to moist dark Christmas cookies with a touch of malted vanilla.

Bottom Line:

This is where we get into the really nice stuff. I like this as a slow sipper that isn’t going to make me think. This is an end-of-day pour if there ever was one.

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