For almost two centuries, Scotland has had a robust tradition of independent Scotch whisky bottlers—companies that don't own their own distilleries, but buy casks from distilleries across the country. Nowadays, these whiskies are often released either as blends or as single cask expressions. Many of these releases proudly proclaim the distillery of origin on the front label—making the whisky a mechanism of discovery for lesser-known distilleries, or a chance to showcase a different side of bigger names.

Lost Lantern seeks to do the same thing for the new wave of American distilleries that have opened in the last two decades. Just a handful of these have achieved national name recognition; most are still best known regionally, and many are still patiently waiting for their spirits to age to maturity. American craft whiskey can be unique, compelling, and sometimes starkly untraditional, but most whiskey drinkers haven't yet discovered the best of what craft whiskey has to offer.

Our Mission

Lost Lantern's mission is to shine a light on the country's best craft whiskies, both from well-known distilleries and undiscovered ones. We release single casks of distinctive and compelling whiskies, often with unique flavor profiles that wouldn't otherwise be bottled on their own. We also create blends made from whiskies sourced from multiple craft distilleries, intended to reveal the breadth of what craft can be. In both cases, we are committed to full transparency on the whiskey's origin. American craft whiskey's time has come, and we want to help you discover it.


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Nora Ganley-Roper


Nora left a career in finance for the wine and spirits industry, where she got her start working as a Sales Manager at Astor Wine & Spirits, one of the country's top spirits retailers. Her love of wine gradually translated into a deep fascination with spirits, especially the growing potential of craft spirits from all around the country. She left Astor to work in operations for several tech startups, learning how to build and grow early stage companies. She is excited to be back in the spirits industry and to put her range of experience to work at Lost Lantern.

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Adam Polonski


Before co-founding Lost Lantern, Adam was a Senior Whisky Specialist at Whisky Advocate, the largest and most prestigious whiskey magazine in the United States. He has written extensively about whiskies from around the world, with a particular focus on American craft whiskey. Adam has tasted hundreds of craft whiskies from distilleries all across the country and discovered for himself the many new styles, approaches, and flavors that are starting to emerge. A true believer in the present and future of craft whiskey, he sees Lost Lantern as another way to help whiskey drinkers discover the breadth and quality of American craft whiskey.