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Month: January 2019

Road Trip, Part II

Today we hit the road again! After a month-long stay in Los Angeles, where we were able to focus exclusively on building Lost Lantern, we’re heading northeast, to southern Utah’s red rock canyons, and then down into Arizona in February to start exploring the unique whiskies of the Southwest. Today, we start what’s effectively the […]

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Craft whiskey deserves a place on the top shelf, and that’s right where we found it at K&L Wine Merchants in Hollywood.

American Craft Whiskey Is Good NOW

A lot of whiskey writers have the habit of talking about American craft whiskey in the future tense. They write enthusiastically about what new distilleries are working on and producing, and look forward to the day, years from now when that whiskey “reaches its full potential.” I’ve fallen into this trap myself; when distillers are […]

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The Not-So-Fun Things About Living On The Road For Months

When we tell people that we’ve been traveling the United States for three months, with as many more to come, we tend to get one of two reactions: either “that sounds like the trip of a lifetime” or “how the hell can you do that without losing your minds?” Well, I’d like to say for […]

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The Lost Lantern team at Spirit Works Distillery in Sebastopol, California

Why We Started Lost Lantern With A Road Trip

Nora and I have been traveling around the country for more than three months now, and although we’ve visited 13 national parks along the way and are having lots of adventures, our road trip is decidedly not a vacation. In fact, we see our journey as an essential and fundamental part of our vision for […]

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January Update!

Happy New Year, and greetings from sunny Los Angeles! We’re so excited for 2019, which will be a big year for Lost Lantern and a big year for us personally as we continue and eventually conclude our road trip and start to roll out our plans for the business and the next stage of our […]

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