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Month: March 2021

Our Stance On Small Barrels

Up until now, everything we’ve released was matured in barrels that were at least 53 gallons, some of them even larger. That’s true for both our first four single casks and all twelve barrels that went into our American Vatted Malt. 

That’s changing with our next single malt release. Our Spring 2021 Single Cask Collection includes three mesquite-smoked single malt whiskies from Tucson, Arizona-based Whiskey Del Bac. We’re incredibly excited about all of them: each one is a unique take on a rapidly emerging style of American whiskey, and they deeply reflect where they come from: the Sonoran Desert, one of the very hottest regions in the United States. All three whiskies were aged, not in 53-gallon barrels, but in 15-gallon barrels.

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Forbes — Get To Know These Three Women Shaking Up The Wine & Spirits Industries

But there are some you may not be as familiar with as others. So to honor International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, a celebration that’s now over 113 years old, here are three rising stars in the liquor industry who are starting to make an impact. 

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Cool Hunting — Interview: Lost Lantern Whiskey Founders Nora Ganley-Roper + Adam Polonski

In 2018, Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski embarked upon what they refer to as their “great whiskey road trip.” The couple (now married) toured 50 distilleries across dozens of states in the US for eight months straight. This was more than passionate immersion into a hobby; it pertained to an idea they had that stemmed from their professional backgrounds: Ganley-Roper as a sales manager at NYC’s Astor Wine & Spirits; Polonski as an editor at Whisky Advocate. From this experience, the duo launched their own bottling brand, Lost Lantern Whiskey, that same year.

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The Whiskey Wash — The Independent American Whiskey Bottler Arises In The United States

As the advent of the 21st century brought with it an explosion of micro-distillers around the world, as well as increased output from heritage distillers, it was inevitable that some form of “new” independent bottler would take shape, this time focused on American distilleries.  These US-based versions, however, are following more of a mixed path, some in Scottish tradition and others striking out in new ways.  In all cases, they’re balancing the virtue of transparency and innovation with the need to build a widely accessible brand.

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Paste — Lost Lantern American Vatted Malt Edition No. 1 Review

The U.S. whiskey scene is by no means hurting for a lack of independent bottlers and non-distiller producers (NDPs). In fact, it often feels like the sheer number of little boutique bottling operations is beginning to exceed the number that could reasonably be maintained, especially with so many of them drawing on the same handful of companies for sourced whiskey, such as MGP of Indiana, Jim Beam, or Heaven Hill. But every now and then, you do come across a concept that is something truly and utterly new. And Lost Lantern is doing something unmistakably new in American whiskey.

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InsideHook — How People in the Drinks Industry Maintain Their Mental Health

Given the unique nature of what drinks professionals do for a living — and the unique challenges they face both daily and in the face of the continuing pandemic — we wanted to see how people in the industry were coping. So we asked bartenders, distillery owners, brand ambassadors, restaurateurs, publicists and drinks-related business owners how they’ve stayed mentally healthy. 

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