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Month: February 2024

Breaking Bourbon – Review: Lost Lantern Mountain Meadow ST. George Spirits California Single Malt

Read the full review here Using “unique” is too weak of a word to describe this one-of-a-kind malt whiskey. Lost Lantern is a non-distiller producer that sources their whiskey from various distilleries from around the country. The latest release in their Single Distillery Series focuses on a blend of four single malts from St. George […]

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Maxim The Most Innovative American Whiskeys of 2023

Read the full review here Lost Lantern Single Cask #6: McCarthy’s 6 Year Old Oregon Peated ASM Lost Lantern Co-Founders Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski launched their endeavor to shine a light on smaller American distilleries, collaborating with them on limited-run and single-cask releases. It shouldn’t surprise that their project with McCarthy’s, the Godfathers of […]

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Wine Enthusiast – The Best Bourbons of 2023

Read the full review here Best Independent Bourbon – Lost Lantern Soaring Spice The name is apt: this bourbon truly offers an explosion of spice from the first sip. Bold cayenne, cinnamon sweet heat and cardamom meld with caramel, maple and oak, finishing long, with black-pepper sparks and a touch of sandalwood incense. From independent […]

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Inside Hook – The Best New Whiskeys to Drink This January

Read the full review here Lost Lantern Winter Collection This independent Vermont bottler recently added two additions to its Blend Series and two to its Single Distillery Series, covering seven smaller artisanal distilleries in total. These are very limited-edition bottlings (around 400 to 600 of each) and are meant to be consumed during the coldest […]

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